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Discontinued Software below

V 1.5 – Download

  • Fixed Not setting AP name and password, making the name of the Access Point show empty and no password
  • Implemented WPS for easy connect to routers which have that option
  • Added charge / discharge functions in the push button device to be used in standalone mode.

Watch video for more details:

V 1.4

Change Log:

  • Fixed problem showing voltage on not connected cells when charging others.

V 1.3 – Download

Change Log:

  • Fixed the case of not fully charging a cell when 4.2 was set for max charging voltage.

V 1.2 – Download

In V 1.2 only the firmware of the charger has been updated and these are the changes:

  • Changed data aquisition from 5 seconds to 0.5 seconds. This improves significantly the measured capacity between cycles. Before we were getting a difference between 6 to 10 % between capacity measurements of the same cell and now it’s between 0.1 to 0.8 %
  • Changed the way amperage was measured when using a discharge rate lower than 1A. We were getting false readings because of the PWM and implemented a precise function to read the values properly

V 1.1 – Download (Firmware & Software)
Desktop Software
NodeMCU PyFlasher 4.0 64 bit (Do not erase flash!)

Disclaimer!!! When updating firmware on the charger, do not choose the setting on the NodeMCU PyFlasher to erase flash, it will brick the device and won’t be able to use it anymore.

  • Fixed bug when if stopping a cell from discharging from the PC software, if you had others still discharging, the fans would stop anyways, added extra check to see if there are others in discharging state before stopping the fan

  • Implemented the cycles functionality which will allow cycling through cells charge/discharge before doing capacity measurement

  • Added ability to set Max Discharge Current between 100 to 1000 mA on the charger. Setting is applied to all the cells, cannot be controlled individually in thid charger version.

  • Added more information on the charger display

  • Created a configuration module on the charger which can be loaded and modified in the PC software to have it persist after charger reboots

  • Added the “Store V” field to be saved in the database in the settings table. (older databases will need to be updated in order to use with newer software, watch the video for more details on that.

  • Added Master Values option which allows changing the values of all 16 cells in the PC interface

  • When creating a new batch, it will erase the old values for capacity and internal resistance from the charger.

  • Added a filter when displaying cells to display only the ones inserted, if no cell is connected will default back to displaying all the cells one by one