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The Megacell Charger saves you hours of tedious work when measuring the capacity of used 18650 cells recovered from used laptops or power tools batteries. With a 16 cells capacity and a software to remote control and log all the results in a database, this takes your cell recovery work to the next level, ranking you in more profits. You can now help bringing the new version into production by pre-ordering one of the packages.

Megacellcharger Mass Production Crowdfunding

by Alexandru Gradea

  • $34,000.00

    Funding Goal
  • $3,633.00

    Funds Raised
  • 17 Days to go
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Minimum amount is $1 Maximum amount is $250000
Galati, Street Tecuci nr 156, Romania

Campaign Story


Megacellcharger Funding Milestones


  1. $34 000 – Minimum Goal
    Reaching the minimum goal will allow us to produce the new PCB design and to pay for a plastic injection mold to produce the plastic case instead of 3D printing it and 300 trees planted.
  2. $70 000 – Hopefully Goal
    Create packaging that includes printed documentation, USB stick with video instructions, protective foam shaped for the charger, power supply and wires to fit in and 650 trees planted.
  3. $100 000 – Would Be Nice Goal
    This will allow us going for professional packaging and documentation and also start the proper certification process to make these devices available on and other big shops and
    1000 trees planted.
  4. $150 000 – Now We’re Talking Goal
    Additional to the 100k milestone, we will start working on a device to automate the cell sorting process, making the build and software opensource, 1500 trees planted.
  5. $300 000 – We’re In Business Goal
    Professional Packing and documentation, certification, sorting machine open source and another open source project for automatic loading and unloading of the cells, allowing to make an automated process of cell testing, and 3000 trees planted.



Here are a few shots of the new design:

New Megacell Charger

New Megacell Charger

New Megacell Charger

New Megacell Charger

Apart from redesigning the 3D version of the charger, I also took the time to 3D print and fully assembly the new version to make sure everything fits in properly.

Here’s the list of features that we’ve got into Megacellcharger so far:

  1. It has a capacity of 16 cells
  2. It allows independent charging and discharging
  3. You can set the discharge rate between 100 to 1000 mAh
  4. It charges with up to 1 amp per cell with a specialized chip to ensure a proper and safe charging
  5. It detects low voltage cells starting from 1 volt and attempts a slow recovery until reaching 3 volts then it continues normally until fully charged.
  6. We have implemented a workflow that allows setting multiple charge / discharge cycles and charging back to a voltage that’s safe for storing or transportation to comply with the newest DOT and IATA regulations
  7. There’s software available for Desktop, IOS and Android to manage the charger
  8. It has the ability to store the data resulted from tests in a database and use it to build balanced packs afterwards
  9. You can have multiple devices connecting to the software
  10. Graphs for charging, discharging and temperature variations
  11. Temperature sensors for each cell and the ability to stop a process per cell in case the temperature goes over the set threshold. This has been a key feature added to improve the safety of the testing process.
  12. Low noise 50 mm cooling fans with individual radiators to safely dissipate the resulting heat from the discharging process.
  13. The software is integrated with dyno 450 label printing, speeding up the workflow for tagging your cells with the required information for the sorting process.
Megacell Monitor

Megacell Monitor

While our main area of expertise is not testing equipment, using our programming and hardware development past experience helped us to quickly get a great product together and we are still not done with the improvements yet.

But we need your help now.


In order to get this project to mass production which includes proper assembly line, quality testing and packing, we must reach $34 000 worth of orders or above to get a good deal from the factory and afford the plastic injection molds that will allow creating a high quality case for the hardware.

The actual minimum amount the factory asked for is $39 000, but if we reach the goal we set, I will be more than happy to put in the remaining $5000 and push this project for mass production.

For me this project is more than a product that I can produce and sell for a profit. It represents a way to improve a process that has the potential to save lots of wasted materials and resources that have been used to produce these batteries.

I am not a big environmental activist, but if I see a way to improve things and I can help with that, I will definitely go for it.

The way I see it, is that if the testing process is simple and fast enough, more and more people will begin testing these cells, giving them a second life and lowering the demand for producing new cells.


To make this project even more environmentally helpful, I have decided with my team to work on a plan that will allow us to plant a tree for each Megacellcharger that we sell. We already come up with a plan to build a planting tree device that uses electric power and I think it will be a lot of fun to build. We will share the plans of the device soon as we already begin working on making this happen.

So for each Megacellcharger sold and for each pledge over $10, we are going to plant a tree. We are going to film the process and show what we come up with for planting trees efficiently and eco friendly without using any gas generators or gas engines.

I hope you will find this idea as interesting as we did and that you can help us make it happen. If you cannot afford purchasing an item, sharing this page and the video is another way you can help us to reach our goal.


If you are interested in supporting this project, you can choose a reward from the right side of this page or go to if you happen to watch this video on youtube on or other platforms.

On the right side you will find all the rewards that we thought it will make sense for you.

If you happen to need a different type of reward, like getting us to install these chargers on a facility for you or doing a live call to explain how the system will work, feel free to reach me at [email protected] and we will find a way to help you out.

Thank you for your time and I wish you all the best in life!



$1.00 - $136.00

Thank you! We will add you on our newsletter list and keep you updated with our development.

May, 2020

Estimated Delivery
0 backers

$137.00 - $156.00

1 x Megacell Charger + Software

April, 2020

Estimated Delivery
3 backers
247 rewards left

$157.00 - $309.00

1 x Megacell Charger + Software + 110/220V to 20A 5V PSU and wires

April, 2020

Estimated Delivery
6 backers
244 rewards left

$310.00 - $577.00

2 x Megacell Charger + Software + 110/220V to 40A 5V PSU and wires

April, 2020

Estimated Delivery
3 backers
147 rewards left

$578.00 - $827.00

4 x Megacell Charger + Software + 2 x 110/220V to 40A 5V PSU and wires

April, 2020

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
130 rewards left

$828.00 - $1,349.00

6 x Megacell Charger + Software + 3 x 110/220V to 40A 5V PSU and wires

April, 2020

Estimated Delivery
0 backers
100 rewards left

$1,350.00 or more

10 x Megacell Charger + Software + 5 x 110/220V to 40A 5V PSU and wires

April, 2020

Estimated Delivery
1 backers
39 rewards left
Name Donate Amount Date
Helmut Meinen $174.00 January 22, 2020
Serge Thibault $154.00 January 20, 2020
Travis Gilley $174.00 January 18, 2020
Jarrod Hale $327.00 January 18, 2020
Rasmus Virenfeldt Lauritsen $154.00 January 17, 2020
Leroy Weinmann $174.00 January 17, 2020
Anonymous $174.00 January 17, 2020
anderson diaz $154.00 January 16, 2020
perrie iles $174.00 January 15, 2020
Stefan Krüger $327.00 January 15, 2020
Adrian Iacob $157.00 January 15, 2020
Borge Agerholm $327.00 January 15, 2020
Anonymous $1,367.00 January 15, 2020


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